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I'll have you know I never worry.

My life is far too interesting and amusing for that.

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Name:Yasaburou Shimogamo
Shimogamo Yasaburou ▫ 下鴨 矢三郎

Name: Shimogamo Yasaburou ▫ 下鴨 矢三郎
Series: Uchouten Kazoku / The Eccentric Family
Version: Anime
Time Period: Episode 4
Voice Actor: Sakurai Takahiro ▫ 櫻井 孝宏 | Voice Actor Sample

This is another manifestation of our idiot blood. What is fun is good!

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▫ All icons made by [personal profile] gekifire unless otherwise noted.
▫ Journal subtitle is one of Yasaburou's lines.

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